MEK Kinase inhibitor Program: Partnered with Allomek Therapeutics to successfully develop and raise capital for this advanced pre-clinical asset.

Relevant Reference:

  • “A Potent MEK Inhibitor, CIP-137401: Preclinical Studies”     AACR, Orlando, FL (2011)
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TGFb inhibitor Program:  Advancing small molecule TGFb inhibitors for organ specific disorders with strong biological rationale for TGFB inhibition.

Relevant References:

  • “SX-007, a small molecule TGF-ß receptor I kinase inhibitor, prolongs animal survival in the syngeneic SMA560 glioma model”  AACR Meeting, Anaheim, CA (2005)


Virology and Infectious Diseases

HCV inhibitor program: Designed and synthesized a novel template for HCV inhibition.  Currently evaluating prototype molecules with leading virology CROs and academic laboratories

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Anti-infective Program: Designed a novel class of antibiotics.  Currently evaluating synthetic routes and exploratory chemistry.

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Other Indications

Selective TYK2 inhibitors:  Partnered with a team of scientists from a small biotech company and a non-profit research institute to design and evaluate a novel class of TYK 2 inhibitors

Relevant Reference:

  • Co-authored a successfully funded NIH Grant to advance selective TYK2 inhibitors as a potential treatment for an indication of high, unmet, medical need.